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PKI for Notary & Legal Services

Bring legal and notary services to a global market without the need to setup offshore offices and increase efficiencies in terms of workflow and security while reducing costs with GlobalSign security solutions.

A lot of notaries perform work for commercial firms that are engaged in international trade and for private individuals who deal with the aspects of purchase or sale of land and other property abroad. This is very paper intensive work. However, papers could easily be lost or tampered with which can be quite cumbersome to file away.

GlobalSign's e-notarisation service provides users with speed, efficiency, and more importantly, security that eliminates the need for expensive courier services and at the same time, offers a more acceptable carbon footprint as compared to traditional paper and wax seal-based industry.

SSL Managed Service

Managed SSL Service

Manage enterprise's many SSL Certificates via an advanced web portal / API

Manage the complete lifecycle of your organisation's SSL Certificates through the SSL Managed Service. One time vetting means once vetted, your enterprise's users simply log into the web based account (or XML API) and issue, reissue, renew, or revoke SSL Certificates on demand. Granular user privileges allow Administrators to create roles for users to apply, approve or just report on billing and activity within the account. Plus, the immediate discounts mean you save over purchasing SSL Certificates from multiple suppliers or via premium priced retail sites.

Adobe Certified Document Services

Adobe Certified Document Services

Publish secure and authentic electronic PDF documents

As eNotarization becomes adopted at both the local and national level, notaries are realising the benefits of utilising digital signature technology to produce legally binding and secure trusted notarised signatures in the fraction of the time when compared to traditional paper-based methods. CDS provides notaries a highly trusted electronic identity that provides relying parties an easy to validate trusted signatures via the Adobe free reader.

Enterprise PKI

Enterprise PKI

Manage employee / extranet Digital IDs for Microsoft Windows and Adobe platforms

Enterprise PKI (ePKI) is GlobalSign's managed service for standard Microsoft Windows Digital IDs and Adobe Trusted Digital Certificates. Issue Digital IDs to multiple employees, suppliers, and extranet users for authentication, secure email, and document security. Offers complete lifecycle management and online identity management.

Trusted Root for Microsoft Certificate Services

Trusted Root Certificate Authority

Root Signing to enable your Enterprise Certificate Authority to issue globally trusted Digital Certificates

Enterprises operating their own Microsoft Certificate Services or in house Certificate Authority can chain their Root Certificates to the widely distributed and highly trusted GlobalSign Root CA Certificate - eliminating costly "not trusted" errors and immediately benefiting from the trust associated with GlobalSign and its 10 year+ long relationships with all the browser, application and Operating System vendors.