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PKI for Government

With the general public's information at stake, government authorities should comply with regulations to protect against the increasing number of online security attacks. GlobalSign could help in developing your infrastructure and mitigate your risks.

Governments today place high priority on public security and safety. Both national and local Government agencies are confronted with different challenges which include the continuous advancement of technology and ever changing security regulations. Internet hacks are also becoming more sophisticated. Meeting and delivering public service demands improved organisational and business procedures, and it is also important that Government authorities ensure the security of highly sensitive information.

  With the development of the Internet, this has provided Government agencies with the means to make their programmes much more accessible online and to expedite the long process for public service delivery. A lot of governments are responding to this call in order to modernise and improve their service on all levels, however, they should also be aware of the risks that come with making programmes and services available through the Internet.

As one of the leading WebTrust accredited Public Certificate Authorities, GlobalSign has a lot of experience when it comes to understanding and implementing online security requirements of Government authorities at all levels, offering a wide range of security solutions that are scalable, reliable, and cost effective. GlobalSign currently provides high quality and trusted solutions to Government authorities worldwide.

SSL Managed Service

SSL Managed Service

Manage your Government Agency's multiple SSL Certificates via an advanced SaaS web portal / API

Manage the entire lifecycle of the government agency or department's SSL Certificates with the SSL Managed Service feature. One time vetting means once vetted, the agency's users could simply login to the web based account (XML API) to issue, reissue, renew, or revoke SSL Certificates upon demand. Granular user privileges on the other hand enable Administrators to develop roles for users to apply, approve, or report on billing as well as activity within the account. And the immediate discounts mean you are able to save money over buying SSL Certificates from multiple suppliers through premium priced retail sites.

Adobe Certified Document Services

Adobe Certified Document Services

Publish secure and authentic electronic PDF documents

Adobe Certified Document Services solution gives a more reliable and secure type of document exchange allowing these documents to retain their integrity and allow the recipient to determine authenticity and authorship. Adobe CDS is able to support both local and federal Government initiatives which include the Government Paper-work elimination Act helping to reduce costs, enhance citizen accessibility to Government information, and lessen unnecessary environmental waste while keeping high assurances to its citizens that the information is legitimate.

Enterprise PKI

Enterprise PKI

Manage employee / extranet Digital IDs for Microsoft Windows and Adobe platforms

Enterprise PKI (ePKI) is GlobalSign's managed service for standard Microsoft Windows Digital IDs and Adobe Trusted Digital Certificates. Issue Digital IDs to people, employees, suppliers, and extranet users for authentication, secure email, and document security. Offers complete lifecycle management and online identity management.

Trusted Root for Microsoft Certificate Services

Trusted Root Certificate Authority

Root Signing to enable your Government Certificate Authority to issue globally trusted Digital Certificates

Government agencies or departments that operate their own Microsoft Certificate Services or in-house Certificate Authority have the option to chain their Root Certificates to the GlobalSign Root CA Certificate which is widely distributed and highly trusted – at the same time, it removes the "not trusted" errors which could be costly, and benefiting from trust association with GlobalSign with its 10+ years of relationship with all current web browsers, applications, and Operating System vendors.