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Enterprise PKI Solutions

GlobalSign has created a very robust and comprehensive Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) distributed though secure Certificate Authority.

Investing in GlobalSign allows for securing valuable emails, important documents and other information at minimal cost and for significant returns. Using GlobalSign trusted Digital Certificates, you could easily manage several SSL Certificates across different company departments, protect important electronic documents, sign and encrypt emails, control the access to private segments of your Internet/Intranet through remote access control, and gain many other benefits such as improved trust and confidence from your potential and serviced customers.

SSL Managed Service

SSL Managed Service

Manage the multiple SSL Certificates of your enterprise with the advanced SaaS web portal/API

GlobalSign SSL Managed Service comes with a management platform which is easy to use and is much more cost-efficient compared to other management platforms of competing providers. GlobalSign allows you to effortlessly manage the entire lifecycle of your organisation's SSL Certificates with the SSL Managed Service. Your company only requires One time vetting and after vetted, your enterprise's users could begin to issue, reissue, revoke, or renew SSL Certificates on demand with the use of a simple web based account or XML API. Granular user privileges enable Administrators to establish roles for users to apply, approve, or report on billing as well as other activity within the account. Also, the immediate discounts mean you save money over buying SSL Certificates from different suppliers or through premium priced retail websites.

Adobe Certified Document Services

Adobe Certified Document Services

Publish Secure and Authentic Electronic PDF Documents

GlobalSign is an authorised member of Adobe's Certified Document Services (CDS) Solution. This basically means that GlobalSign could offer other companies a more reliable and secure electronic PDG document exchange service which allows the recipient to determine straight away the authenticity of the document and the authenticity of the document's authorship.

Enterprise PKI

Enterprise PKI

Manage employee / extranet Digital IDs for Microsoft Windows and Adobe platforms

Enterprise PKI (ePKI) is the managed service offered by GlobalSign for standard Microsoft Windows Digital IDs and Adobe Trusted Digital Certificates. Issue Digital IDs to several employees, suppliers, as well as extranet users for authentication, document security, and secure email. GlobalSign ePKI offers full lifecycle management and online identity management.

Trusted Root for Microsoft Certificate Services

Trusted Root Certificate Authority

Root Signing to allow your Enterprise Certificate Authority or In-House PKI to issue globally trusted Digital Certificates

You could now chain your Microsoft Certificate Services or in-house Certificate Authority Root Certificates to the widely distributed and trusted GlobalSign Root CA Certificate – it eliminates the costly "Not Trusted" warning messages and immediately benefiting from the circle of trust that is associated with GlobalSign and its over 10 year long relationship with all the web browsers, Operating System vendors, and applications.